welcome to the guava .. home of the illustrous internet sea slug (me) (its my website)

GUAVASALT (previously fishywurld) is my personal aquarium where i live and save things i find interesting. this site is a project forever in motion, updates will happen a lot! .. feel free to leave a msg in the chatbox

* bigotry, racism, queerphobia etc. are not welcome here. the ocean is a diverse ecosystem so dont be a little hater

proud to be hosted by

24/09/2023 - guavasalt v2.5 is real ! :P but i lost my ffuckig statuscafe password im so smart haha .. added a personal resources page for easy navigating of the nets

30/01/2023 - guavasalt v2 lite is here ! hopefully finished soon ..

29/01/2023 - guavasalt v2 in the works, will replace this box w a statuscafe once im let in

goomy is THE BEST pokemon!

i dotn make the rules dude i will FIGHT YOU on this. goomys the best look at it ghghngnhj the??!? (scroll)

this is my art ^--^ SEE MORE HERE